4th of July! + Harper & Bay

Whew, this has been a busy 2 weeks of travel and weddings! But I'm back on track for blogging and wanted to share these pictures we snapped on the 4th of July! They are SO similar to last years post (HERE) but instead of announcing we were having a baby girl, that precious baby girl is in our arms!! This year we took it real slow and pretty much let Olive catch up on her naps from traveling and then had some friends over to play cards. We didn't even see a single firework, which is so lame... but next year hopefully we are more into it. I love watching the fireworks but where we live, is so lame and there's never really any amazing shows worth fighting the crowds to get to. You can see in some of these photos but Olive got her 2 top teeth and she's working on her two bottom side teeth which is a whomping total of S I X teeth!! and boy, have we been put through the ringer with these last two... we all barley slept last night which causes for a grumpy morning for everyone.

But on a super non-grumpy note I wanted to share this amazing nursing dress from Harper & Bay  today! Its a nursing dress but you can so wear it after nursing to! It just has a few snaps by the arms under the first slit that you button and un-button for nursing. I got so many compliments on this piece and plus the material is SO nice. I feel like when it comes to nursing, no one ever tells you to make sure you have nursing clothes. After I had Olive I felt so lost when it came to what I could wear because almost none of my old pre pregnancy clothes worked for nursing. And since l'll probably be nursing for the next 4 years + because #babyfever I've decided to invest quality pieces to take on this journey with me.

If your looking for some pieces to add to your nursing attire make sure to check out all of Harper & Bays adorable dresses!

p.s Olives shoes are my absolute favorite. We have a few pairs from Starry Knight Design and I cant say enough about how incredible they are!