8 months old

Our eight month old Olive, only 2 and a half week late. she's obsessed with heirloom tomatoes and devours them by the slice. She's close to saying "hiiiiii" and "yaaaaaaay" but still no mama... because she likes to keep me on my toes. She's smiley and always happy and loves to roll around in our bed. She has the cutest giggle ever and we live to hear it! She's attached to my hip but when she see's dada she rests her head on his chest and says "dada...dada...dada" and it will melt everyone who see's it. She pulls herself up on everything and loves her walker and she is getting into everything you could imagine... we need to baby proof. We are about to go on her 11th flight and I'm excited to see what Olive thinks of the sand since she is very mobile now. The only thing Olive doesn't like is her car seat... eight whole months of crying and throwing a fit about having to be buckled up and safe...everyone said she would grow out of it but she just hasn't yet. But hey we love her anyway!!! Life with you is so sweet baby girl, we love you!