My Big Girl!

You guys, my little premature baby is officially a big girl! I feel like facing forward in her stroller is such a huge step!! I'll be honest I still keep her facing me 99.9% of the time , but for this coffee trip I let her face out and my mama heart just melted. I know it's so silly, but I like to keep her facing me so we can chit chat and I can tell her about all of the tree's and just have total girl talk. But I know she is a little adventurer and loves to look out at all the doggies and motorcycles. You can clearly see how ecstatic she was! We also play this little game where I rock her in my arms and sing, " wash the baaaaaby. dry the babbyyyyy, snuggggggle the baby!!" and she thinks its the best, which means I think its the best. Any time shes the least bit grumpy we sing this song and I love how it cheers her up!

I wore this dress on date the other night and felt so girly and pretty! I love the off the shoulders trend and even though I'm way late to the game, it was fun to feel a little fancy and a little sexy all in one! This dress is from Belles and Whistles Boutique and I'll be hosting a giveaway this weekend on instagram! You can shop this dress HERE and we got this new teething necklace from Kangaroo Care. By far my favorite teething necklace ever! I feel like its one I can actually wear after all my babies stop teething and wont just be donated like some of the others. You can shop the teething necklace HERE.