Packing/Mom hacks!

Happy Weekend! I just wanted to share a few new mom hacks I've found that make life a little easier. We head out to go shoot a wedding in Mexico on Wednesday and little Olive gets to come with us, because there ain't no way I'm leaving to go to another country without her! While we are trying to pack all in 1 suitcase I came across these cute bags that make organizing your families stuff way easy. We've never all shared a suitcase before but since we aren't flying southwest, where we can pretty much bring our entire house for free I decided to challenge myself and pack minimally (I doubt it will actually happen)! I'm also going to have to pump for the first few days to make sure Olive will have enough milk when we shoot the wedding and pumping has been painful lately because little miss has too many teeth and is hurting her mama! So when I found these BeauGen pumping cushions I was sold! Like why hasn't anyone come up with this before? And I'm going to buy one for every working mama I know who has to pump. Because they are sooooo soft and make the annoyance of pumping that much more do-able. You can shop them HERE

I'm kind of nervous about flying with Olive this time. This will be her 11th flight and longest flight, she always does so well but this times its way longer and on a new airline. I'm happy Austin will be there to help me and I think the excitement of getting to the beach will over rule any hiccups we might have. The bags are from Live Styled Shop! Also I love being able to bring you guys these little life hacks and would love to know if you'd like to see more.