Baby Food Fun!

Baby Food! Olive Loves food and hasn't shown to be picky at all. (knock on wood) So when Beba reached out to us and asked if we wanted to partner together I was so excited. This is their Baby Cook ! Now I know a lot of people say "I can just use my blender or steamer" but I tried that and it was such a mess! I love having something that is all in one and so easy to clean up. You pour the water into the directed spot and depending on how much water you add determines the time. Then you dump out most of the water and turn the button and blend! So easy, and fast. (In the pictures above the water isn't in the correct spot but these are from when we first used it and I was still learning) we also are using the Beabas new cookbook and it's full of all sorts of recipes and directions and tells you what water amount you'll need for the correct time of steaming.

I like not having to stand over the stove during olives nap when I'm trying to get a million things done to make sure something steams correctly.  The babycook has been so helpful and I've been able to freeze a lot of baby food and just pull it out and have it ready to go. Making me a super mom and tricking my husband into thinking I'm slaving away when really the babycook is doing it all for me. Having food ready to go when it's time to eat is a must because Olives crying face shows just how hangry she can get... 🙄


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