Can we take a minute to appreciate Olives thighs? They are delicious. The cooler temps and moody skies have rolled in this past week but we are not complaining one bit. Except the fact the mountain peaks are already covered in snow and I'm not sure we are ready for all of that nonsense. We're getting back in the routine of things since Mexico just in time to leave next week to go shoot another wedding. Wedding season sure is busy yet so fun! This past weekend we worked on the house, shot a sweet wedding and drove up to the mountains for a picnic. Austin power sprayed the entire outside and I did some things inside. Our bed project is finally done! We made a pallet bed and as easy and it was suppose to be, its been such a headache. Then after all of our work and after cleaning them and painting them a bunch of creepy earwigs came out of it last night and we both about died. So at 1am we were stripping the bed and killing bugs and sleeping in the other room. Safe to say we are bug bombing our house today. I'll share a post about it though because it is an easy DIY and I love the look. I love these photos because Olive loves being up on our shoulders and she makes the best expressions. Then when we are trying to get her to look at the camera and shes not on our shoulders she throws thing...(pictured above) It's been 9 months of this little Kalamata and she sure is fun... and opinionated! Boy does a girl know what she wants. Austin says "how are you so much like your mother" like everyday to her and it makes me laugh. We have our hands full for sure! 

Quick question! What do you want to see around here? Do you like mommy and me outfit posts? Do you want more vegan/diet food posts? Do you want DIYs? More discount codes? I'd love to hear what all of you would like to see!

My my dress is from  and Olives romper is one of our favorites from Swell & Solis she's worn it a million times and I love how it can transition into fall and it's ran by the sweetest Australian mama!