Lizzys Garden

Ah finally a blog post! Sorry guys, moving was cray cray...and I only save that word for the craziest of situations! Next time we move we are hiring movers because ain't no body have time to move with a baby! But this was the perfect time to share with you all about Lizzy's Garden. It is SO important to me that we eat Organic foods. Especially my little Olive, but if you know me personally you will know that eating healthy and taking care of your body is something I value. Next to breathing its number 2! Okay I wont rant, but this is why I love Lizzy's Garden. When it comes to baby food, there are so many SKETCHY baby foods out there... and saying " well millions of babies eat this and are fine" doesn't fit with our lifestyle. We make our own baby food but for times we cant I'm really enjoying having Lizzys Garden food in our freezer.  It is USDA Organic Certified and ALL dishes are cooked and flash frozen to preserve the nutrients and vitamins within them. They are stored and sealed in an Eco-friendly glass jar that's BPA free and you just have to take them out and let them defrost and they are ready to go. They come shipped to your front door on dry ice and its such an easy process. I feel like they really understands a mothers need when it comes to how important food is. We are so excited to teach Olive the value in food and how to give her body all the nutrients it needs. 

Olive is still about 90% of the time breastfed but when she does eat she loves to play around.  Shes in this new phase of needing something in her hand at all times. So we give her whole carrots to gnaw on a lot of the time when we feed her so she lets us actually spoon feed her. Even though she is independent and at times insist on feeding herself. Olive is still in the Stage 1 of baby food since we started her late but Lizzy's Garden has different stages and different packages. Make sure to check them out or gift to someone! Shop HERE