Mexico Photo Dump!

We had so much fun in Mexico I wanted to share some photos from our big camera along with a few tips about traveling with a baby. We barley took any photos on our actual camera because we were camped out at the pool all day everyday. This trip looked a lot different than our other Mexico trip 2 years ago. Last trip we camped out at the beach but this time it was so dang hot we just stayed at the pool everyday. Olive was obsessed with sand and ate it any chance we got so we felt the pool was our best option rather than having to wipe her hands every second so she didn't get sand in her eyes.

Two things that were so helpful was our beachfront baby wrap! We love baby wearing and I thought this company was so cool. They make beach wraps/sling that you can wear in the water. We did this up until my parents came and brought THIS float that she pretty much lived in. If you have an upcoming water trip with a babe coming up I'd recommend both of these items.

Olives swim suits are from Olivia + Ocean and they are the best children's swimsuits ever! I'm hoping they come out with a mommy & me line next summer. You can shop them HERE.

NAPS: Naps on vacation are just hard. I was always one of those people who said my kids would nap no matter what... but that was pre-babies! Somehow our pack and play got lost in the Mexican Airport...which is such a long story. But most hotels and resorts have cradles or cribs that they will let you use for free. We were so thankful for this because the first night Olive took up the entire bed and we were a little concerned about naps. The few times we finally got her to nap in the stroller I would pull it close to the pool and we would all sit in the pool while she napped next to us in the stroller. A few times Austin volunteered to go to the room and let her nap for 2 hours. And at dinner a few times I was able to nurse her to sleep in a sling so we didn't have to go to our room at 7pm every night. For the most part she did really really well and we were so proud of her. A few tips... if your baby sleeps with a sound machine... bring the sound machine or download an app on your phone that plays one. If you can put the cradle in the bathroom that will help them sleep more than having it next to the bed and then you wont have to sit in silence. Try bringing a blanket or their favorite toy that will bring them comfort. This was our first trip without bringing a Dock-a-tot and it was hard. We had to let Olive cry it out a few times but within 5 minutes she would be out cold.. but we would have to hide in the shower with all the lights off until she was out. But it was all worth it and for the most part she did great without napping.

The best tip I could ever give is to go with Zero expectations. Just go and have fun, try to relax, be flexible and have grace for your partner. Laugh at all the things that go wrong...or how your parents now and cant do x..y & z. Especially if you are going somewhere where its hot and sticky.. everyone is going to be a litter more irritated than normal. If you've never nursed in a carrier I would recommend practicing before you leave and if your thinking you don't need your stroller.... think again. You need your stroller! We made that mistake when we went to California and almost again when we went to Mexico and holy crap... that stroller saved our lives. It always carries all the crazy amounts of junk you need when being in the sun with a baby. And after its all said and done start planning a trip with just you and your hubs so you can have a real vacation!

We have a few more flights coming up this year with Olive. She'll be close to 20! So ill do a post soon about flying with a baby and all the things you think you need but you don't!

  • The towels are from Suay & Co.. I was so happy we brought our own towels to the resort.
  • We use Raw Elements Sunscreen for us and Olive. It's the only sunscreen I trust.
  • Our matching swimsuits are from Pak Pak
  • All of my clothes in these photos are from Thistle & Finn... HERE
  • Olives White romper above is from the cutest Etsy shop ever called Ally & Annie... HERE
  • My sling is from Sakura Bloom.
  • My green one piece is from Raising Wild HERE and you can get 15% off with STEPH15
  • P.S Wild Wawa... is having a HUGE sale right now on all of their spring/summer line. Its where her little boho romper is from up above. Shop them HERE