Dock-A-Tot Love

I've talked about our beloved Dock-A-Tot before but I wanted to dedicate an entire post to it. This little number has saved or lives and I get SOOOOO many questions and emails asking if its worth the price tag and If I truly recommend it. Well, I completely do, especially if you have a tummy sleeper!

I thought now that Olive is 8 months old maybe she wanted to roll around and have some more space in her crib so I made a huge mistake of taking it out of Olives crib a few weeks ago and she was waking up 6-8 times a night! I had a moment, and couldn't figure out what had changed and then 10 days later realized I had taken out her dock! As soon as I realized that I took it out and put it back in, Olive was right back to sleeping through the night. I take our dock on every vacation and trip and just throw it in our stroller bag we bought for $15 at the ticket counter. We usually keep it in her crib or pack and play. But before she could crawl we would take it on all out trips and use it like a pack and play... Because it's much easier to move around than a pack and play.

We have both sizes of the Deluxe and Grand and if you aren't wanting to purchase both my best advice is to wait and don't purchase one until your babe is about 4 months and then purchase the Grand Since those first few months those babes pretty much are attached to you anyways. But if you can get both the Deluxe is perfect for co-sleeping!