three things I ask myself before buying clothes

Last night before Olive went to bed we had the best time ever! She was so giggly and excited and was laughing so dang hard. It was one of those moments I just wanted to bottle up and save forever.(like in harry potter) Austin and I both were like how the heck are we gonna love another baby in the future because Olive is everything to us. We took these photos last week when the cooler weather was coming in and it was starting to rain. We love this little spot in our city because all the sudden the city goes mute and you feel like you are lost in the mountains but its only 15 minutes away! I probably sound like a broken record but we are excited for fall and the cooler weather. I recently got this t-shirt maxi from one of my favorite shops called Arden Store and like many of my clothes I want to live in this little number! It comes in three colors and ill be purchasing the others shortly because its just the perfect dress. I didn't know it had pockets and then we were in the field and I had set Olive down and Austin got the funniest photo of me realizing this dress has pockets lol(it was blurry or else I so would have shared it)

I wanted to share 3 things I ask myself before I buy because most of the time in the cooler/winter months I over buy and this year I'm determined not to!

1. Is it comfortable.... I loathe itchy uncomfortable clothes.

2. Will I wear it more than 3 times?

3. Is it my style, or just a style that's in right now? For instance I bought this super cute palm leaf romper for an event last month and I doubt ill ever wear it again and I'm kicking myself for buying it.

Shop this dress HERE, Baby Sling HERE and Olives knit bloomers HERE.