9 Months with Olive

9 months with Olive even though she'll be 10 months in 9 days. Ah better late than never. Olive is very serious about nursing. When she wants to nurse there's no distracting her.. hence why she is crying in the photo above while holding her apple. She just wasn't feeling it. Ever realize your children are exactly like you and its kind of amazing but also scares you at the same time.

Olive has been on 14 flights in 7 months.. She is obsessssssed with the water and thinks she is a mermaid. She prefers veggies over fruits and has recently tried coconut water and a little hemp milk. She's never had any processed food and thats something I'm honestly really proud of. I know its not for everyone but all she  needs in mama's milk and a cucumber and sh's so dang happy.  She loves her walker and pulls herself up on everything but we are so not ready for her to walk, she's already way to mobile and into everything she can't have. She tries to crawl out of her stroller and highchair and still wants nothing to do with her carseat. But she loves to snuggle and be held and wrapped up close to her mama + papa. Im all about attachment parenting and I absolutely love how much she needs us. 

I never want her to grow up and want to freeze her in this moment.