ramblings and a mini sherlock holmes

Morning! Can we just pause for a second and ask ourselves how its September 20th already? Like is fall already over and is winter coming? I can't even handle that thought. The leaves have barely started to change here in the springs but in the mountains they almost all have changed. My friend posted a picture and it made me so sad. I thought we had SO much time left with the temps in the 80s but really I think its going to happen so fast. So bittersweet. Well not even sweet. I'm Just straight up bitter about fall going by to fast. I told Austin that we have to go to the mountains right away. This year, especially with Olive has flown by way to fast. How do we stop time? Or how do we live our lives in a way that we really soak in every moment. I don't want to be one of those people who feels like they were cheated out of their life because of time. I want to make every day count and finding that balance is way hard and then sometimes I have to remember my age and how young I am and all that I have accomplished and realize we have many more falls left to experience so I just need to take a chill pill.

On another note we did decide to make sure we get our butts outside more. It's so easy to be a hermit especially when I want to stay and re-decorate our house everyday but lately we've been "hiking" around some local spots and really enjoying that fresh air. 

 Olives darling little outfit is from this cute company in Alaska! Its called Oma + Jo and their fall line is lovely. Olive got so many compliments on her little "Sherlock Holmes " outfit as Austin likes to call it. I felt like we should have been cutting down a christmas tree! You can shop their line HERE. My shirt is from HERE and ill be posting a giveaway to their shop soon! Below are the perfect examples of why we can't do real hikes.... we are never dressed for them!