Fall Festives!

Happy Official FALL!!! Even though the temps aren't feeling like fall we went all out yesterday to celebrate! A friend and I have been trying to go berry picking for weeks now. Apparently, the berry crop in colorado didn't do to well this year because it was slim pickings. We maybe combined found 10 berries. We were way bummed but instead they had hay rides and their pumpkin patch all ready to go. So we turned it into a little fall festive day instead of a berry picking day! I love watching Charliee and Olive "play" together. They are only 3 weeks apart and Olive always has to have what Charliee has... as noted in the photo above. Her pumpkin wasn't good enough... she had to get Charliee's. We picked our pumpkins and bought some of their last apples to make something delicious and of course got some apple cider! I'm hosting a little giveaway for those knee high socks on my instagram today as well! They are from Wild Flower Mornings on Etsy!  head over to my page to enter! @steph__pollock