The day Olive said MAMA

The day has finally come! I've waited 10 whole months for my baby to say Mama! She says a handful of words but mama was never one of them. And the other day when we got home from the mountains all the sudden its like she's been saying it her whole life. That sweet little sound of mama, mama, mama! Actually she says mama but now its more of a MUM...mum...mum we have a British baby on our hands. This is dramatic, but I felt like it was never going to happen. She would continue to say every word but mama and I might have even cried over it a time or two. So when she finally said it I scooped that 16 pound bundle of love up and danced and spun and celebrated!! It was by far one of my favorite moments of being a mother yet. Then she'd say dada and crawl to Austin and mama and crawl to me. We are still working on Papa ... and I know thats going to be so dang cute! 

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