Ponchos on repeat

Colorado in the fall is totally melting me. In the fall we watch Harry Potter on repeat and drink fresh apple cider. I even made my first vegan apple crisp in our new cast iron skillet. We are trying to switch over to completely cast iron and I need all the tips. Its a bit harder than I thought!  We had such a great time driving through the Aspens with all the bright yellows and oranges last weekend. This drive isn't far from us and there's something so magical about fall in the Rocky's, even though it lasts like 5 whole minutes.  Even if the temps aren't dropping as fast as we want we still dress for fall to keep our fall spirits up! This season we collaborated with a company called Mar Y Lana. After watching their video and talking to the owners we kind of fell in love with their mission. Not only are these Mommy and Me Ponchos way cute they are so functional. They are made from wool and perfect for layering during the change of seasons. I especially love the little hood on Olives, It will be SO dang cute when she is wobbling around walking... even though I don't want her to walk yet! We are most definitely beach people but when it comes to fall here we talk about how we will always come back here for the fall no matter where we move in the future.

 Mar Y Lana  means Sea and Wool so we of course love it even more. They are doing amazing things! You can read more about their company HERE , how they give back to the communities who have worked hard to reclaim and preserve their traditions of woven wool textiles and their mission. You can Shop my Poncho HERE and Olives HERE . You can get 30% off with code "OLIVEURPONCHO" Olives little bow and arrow pants are from a Etsy Shop HERE you can use code STEPH15 for 15% of their Etsy Shop. 

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