A Picnic With Gathre

We partnered with Gathre this month to take one of their genius leather play mats along on our journeys. The weather is changing fast and we've made quite a few trips up to the mountains the past few weeks. Austin's had a few properties up in the mountains we've had to take pictures for and had to go back up to show. We've been bringing our mat with us so we can get out and stretch our legs and enjoy a little snack. Now that Olive is eating more and more I try to bring snacks with us everywhere we go. (Austin likes to call me the snack mom these days haha.)  We just pulled over and had a quick little snack and shared some peppers and berries. The last photo above Austin happened to capture both of our faces right before a police officer pulled up because apparently we were on private property! Oops! 

We also use it at home under her high chair in the mornings so it collects all of her fruit and veggies that stain! Thats my favorite thing about the mat is that it doesn't stain... everything just wipes right off of it. Make sure that your following me on instagram for a chance to win a shop credit to Gathre!