Mommy & Me Matching

My entire life I thought I was going to have a baby boy first. I would have dreams of having a baby boy even before I was married. Weird I know .. so when we found out we were pregnant we were convinced she was a boy. We had our little boy name perfected and almost started buying boy clothes. Something deep inside me started to change... I really felt like we were having a girl and then all the sudden I felt like she HAD to be a girl and that I couldn't live without this baby inside me being a girl. We were even at a restaurant and they had one of those "prayer walls" in the bathroom and I even prayed for a baby girl.. in the bathroom... on a wall.. at one of our favorite restaurants haha! ( I wonder if its still there) So the moment we found out we were having a girl is one I will remember forever and I'm sure I'll tell Olive about over and over again to the point where it annoys her. I got THE email... that said "Sex of baby" in the subject line. I jumped in my car, called Austin and told him "THE EMAIL CAME" and he told me to not get into a car accident while driving over to where he worked at the time. I pulled up, he ran out and we were both to nervous to even read the email! I closed my eyes and begged him to be the one who read it! He instantly started crying and said WE ARE HAVING A GIRL!!! A BABY GIRL and we both cried in my car and hugged. We just couldn't believe that we were going to be blessed with the sweetest baby girl. Such a sweet moment that is so dear to my heart. And now she's here and I am taking full advantage of matching her justtttt about everyday. It's so fun dressing another girl! We pretty much match all the time.

I've had my eyes on these beautiful handmade Avarcas the entire summer. I ended up buying a knock off pair at a retail store for $10 bucks and they only lasted a week. So when the real thing showed up at my door I was blown away with the quality. Then I saw that they had mini matching sandals for your littles and I melted and had to get Olive a pair as well. These sandals are handmade on small island on the mediterranean coast of Spain and seriously made to last you years not just a week like the lame knock offs I bought were. I'm so excited to take these into fall and get a good use out of them before the snow comes. If you've had your eye on sandals like these you have to get them. Their craftsman ship is beautiful and I love thinking that they came from such a pretty place all the way across the world. 

Im wearing Mibo Avarcas sandals in Taupe HERE and Olive is wearing Castell Avarcas sandals in Bison HERE