Secondhand Shopping

Sweater: ThredUP Jeans:Thrifted  Shoes:Target (old)  

Happy Monday! When did my baby become a big girl? Maybe its the dress or the fact that she's walking everywhere now but its not fair. There is so much depth to being a mom. I feel like every day there is something new that I learn and each week a new phase to enjoy and figure out together. I haven't written an update on Olive in the past few months and will jump on that soon in the meantime I wanted to share with you all about a company called ThredUP!

This blog is about motherhood and our lives but its also about clothes! Because how fun is it that we get to express ourselves through the things we wear and how we do our hair. And though it isn't always the most important thing to a person it is so fun and I love being able to share discount codes to shops, boutiques and fun companies like ThredUP with all of you! So Thredup is a secondhand online shop where you can search clothes & accessories by size, design, style, brand and even color. I love shopping secondhand not only because its way affordable its also helping the world bit by bit. By being a conscious consumer in some of the ways I shop I feel like I'm one step close to doing my part for the world by recycling. You can also buy, donate and earn money by inviting friends. I still love thrifting and will continue to thrift but I thought this was such a fun option for all those people who don't have time to dig through isles of messy clothing!   

You can use code STP40 for 40% your first purchase at ThredUp till March 1st! Happy Shopping!

p.s head on over to my instagram for a giveaway with Fawn Design today! (the super cute diaper bag I'm wearing above)