Happy New Year

Happy New Year! A new year, a new fresh start! Isn't that amazing? That every year we have the chance to start over in a sense? I have lots of goals this year and ideas and dreams I want to happen but above everything I just want to enjoy my family more and work on being way less stressed. I look back at so many moments over this past year and it makes me sad to remember how stressed I was. But I've chosen not to be regretful about anything last year because it truly was good and so many good things happened.  So this year I'm going to be less stressed, more present and enjoy the little tiniest of moments. Like this one above. Playing blocks with Olive and letting her knock them over a million times and then watch her try her hardest to stack them by herself but not quite having enough coordination yet. 

In my moments of trial I will remind myself to be still and know that he is God. I will continue to speak life over our lives, my marriage and our future. I hope you all find the will power to stick to your goals and have a very blessed year! 

Heres our New Years card that I accidentally only ordered 10 of so i'm only able to send them to family. Sorry Friends!