Family Hikes

One of my goals this year was to get out MORE. I am a total homebody but have been going insane being home lately. We partnered with KEEN to get our bootays out of the house! We live near a bunch of hiking trails and have been getting out atleast once a week as a family of 3! Ive talked about it a lot in social media but this year Im going to hike all east three 14ners with Olive! I've hiked one 14ner before and it was an experience that changed my life! Talk about adrenaline release! So I'm so excited to take on this challenge this year and hopefully even hike more than 3. 

These photos are from two different Sundays. The first set was more of a "walk with a view" and the second set was a hike that was way more intense and took 2 hours! I carried Olive all the way up and felt like a total beast. If you're in Colorado the second hike above is called Section 16. We did it a few times while we were dating and one time we kept going after the trail ended and ended up getting lost and hiking for about 8 hours. It was crazy, fun and a little scary! 

Austin Is wearing the Gypsum II Waterproof Boot and I was wearing Oakridge Waterproof Boot. When looking for our first real pair of boots we knew we wanted them to be waterproof and we wanted ankle support. We listened to the size instructions on their website and ordered accordingly and couldn't be happier. Every time we wear them we are like HOW did we not ever have proper hiking shoes with how much we use to hike?  We use to hike in old tennis shoes, Vans and Birkenstocks... so after these last few hikes our feet have been thanking us for wearing proper shoes! Oh and Olive is wearing her very first pair of hiking shoes (Keen Baby Targhee)! Which are wonderful and don't come off no matter how hard she tries to kick them.

We are so excited to get outside more this year and take advantage of this beautiful landscape around us! I can't wait to share some more hikes with all of you.