Living with a light heart

So it could just be me, but I tend to take things more personally than not most times. I'm not sure when it started, because I never use to think this way. But I've found it consuming me lately. And though, sometimes people do mean things and want you to take them personally most times situations are just misunderstandings. So I've been really trying to live light heartedly. To be light hearted means to be "cheerful and carefree"  and who doesn't want to be able to live in a state of mind where they can be cheerful and carefree. 

The past 6 months I've really been a roller coaster of emotions. With trying to get pregnant, being a mother, having my husband work far too many hours a week and nursing hormones. My emotions have been quite everywhere and no one really talks about the hard times in life. I generally try to keep this space really positive because I have so much to be thankful for but some days or weeks or months are hard. There's great moments in-between the hard times but there's also an emotional battle going on at times.

I recently made a choice that I'm done feeling like a victim or that everyone is against me. Satan comes to steal kill and destroy. And Jesus came so that we could shout for joy, walk with him, be filled with the holy spirit and sing with joy! I've been looking up scriptures of joy lately and my heart was just brought to this one

"So with you: Now is your time of grief, but I will see you again and you will rejoice, and no one will take away your joy."John 16:22

So I think I'm ready for no one to take away my joy! Im ready to live with a light heart and be aware of my feelings. My friend Terra wrote a blog post (HERE) about emotions and how

"The brain only recognizes an emotion for 90 seconds. That the visceral effect we feel when we have an intense emotion last for a minute and a half before it subsides. However, its the self-talk, the things that we say during the experience that make it last or not last for longer. For Example, have you ever been driving and been cut off by another car? In your head (or maybe out loud) you think, What the Heck? That was rude. That was really rude. I can't believe someone could be so inconsiderate, yada yada yada. That emotion you feel should only trigger for 90 seconds, but if you continue to ruminate, the effects can last much longer."

And her post totally just blew my mind. Because I realized you know what I can control my thoughts for 90 seconds in order to be more happy and free. To be able to let things brush off my shoulder and not take them personally and ruin my entire day or even days! 90 seconds is nothing compared to 72 hours! 

So I just want to encourage anyone else who may feel that that their life has been "heavy" lately or if you've been dealing with a handful of emotions believer or non believer! You can take charge of your feelings, You can choose joy! You can be happy and love life! Take the first few steps and let those first 90 seconds run off your shoulders and move on with you day!