What to get a mom after she gave birth or an adoption!

So lets just be REAL honest here. Your pregnant and the world revolved around you. People open doors for you, tell you how amazing you look (or insert rude invasive comments). People TALK your ear off, they want to know babies name, everything about the baby how YOU'RE feeling. And then baby comes, you just gave birth and BOOM everything is about that sweet little newborn in your hands. And don't get me wrong, ALL your thoughts are probably about that sweet smelling new born in your hands. The baby is getting all these cute gifts and your sitting there on the couch exhausted and not really wanting to move. It can be kind of lonely in some odd way. Ive talked to tons of moms who have all felt these same emotions I'm talking about. 

Most people bring gifts when going to see a new baby and how fun is it to buy little tiny bitty clothes and nose suckers and little adorable baby shoes but want to blow your friendship/relationship out of the water? Want your gift to stand out from the rest? Buy the mama something! The gifts I remember receiving the most were the ones for me! Ones filled with coconut oil, pads, lotion, nipple pads, protein bars, my favorite chocolate and snacks! 

The funniest note I received was... "skip the lotion and sprays and rub this coconut oil everywhere and I mean everywhere ;)" not only did it make me laugh but I always just felt so understood and known AND this was one of Austins co-workers not even a close friend. So if you know someone who just had a baby or just adopted here are a list of some things that can be thoughtful!

New Mom Gifts

The families favorite chocolate or desert (no link on this one) someone messaged me and said that they had diabetes while pregnant so when a friend brought cinnamon rolls to the hospital and she could finally have them she was heaven and so thankful! (keep that in mind)

A Belly Bandit!  I didn't have one of these! But these lovely things work with your bodies hormone relaxin to help get you back down to your pre pregnancy size. But theres no rush! You just had a baby!

A Netflix, Hulu or HBO Go Subscription. Because any new mom should really be taking it so easy and needs some new shows to keep her occupied!

A sexy but totally functional nursing bra! because there some horrific nursing bras out there! The Dairy Fairy is my FAVORITE! 

Movie Tickets! stop at Costco and pick up a movie ticket pack (best deal) for a future date night when new mama and papa can get some alone time! If your close, even offer to babysit and dont stop offering. 

Snacks! larabars, protein bars, fruit! Bring over some HEALTHY snack food because its the small easy things mom turn to, to eat when they don't have time. 

A Photo Session! Gift them a newborn or family session! Most moms forget about this and then wish they had the photos. Most photographers will let you pay for it in advance as a gift or offer gift cards. OR if your a photographer offer a discount or free session because thats the ultimate gift!

Kombucha! Or a case of water! Every mom forgets to drink enough. So help her out! Bring over her favorite non caffeinated drink because caffeine drains hydration. 

 MEAL TRAIN !  Set this up right before baby is due and make sure to add any allergies or special food requests like no dairy etc... www.mealtrain.com

Baby & Mama CocoKind Gift set! Everything this company makes is GOLD and theres so many toxic baby products out there (ahem Johnson & Johnson) give the gift of clean pampering for both of them!

A GIFT CARD! My favorite one, A mani/pedi gift card, postpartum massage gift card. Victoria secret gift card, Shutterfly gift card for photos or one to her favorite store to buy something for those family photos! A few people messaged me and said that CLEANING service gift card was so helpful because they were to stuburn to ask for help from friends and family (aren't we all)

A few other things people suggested were!

  1. chapstick
  2. hair ties 
  3. re-usable waterbottle
  4. face wipes
  5. help writing thank you cards (Everyone knows I'm awful at those sorry family & friends)
  6. little note books because mom brain
  7. the book "the womanly art of breastfeeding (I haven't read this it was suggested to help realize that breastfeeding is a learning process and got be patient and gentle with yourself)