Night Weaning

Okay, lets just throw this out there. Night weaning is NOT for the faint of heart. You gotta round up all your strength to make it through. I know everyones sleep routine is different. And if your strict baby wise, you probably don't even have an issue with nigh weaning. We were once all baby wise and then I just couldn't handle my baby not being able to fall asleep on me so we scratched that method and just did our own thing. I don't regret it one bit. I don't regret nursing my babe to sleep or letting her sleep in our bed till she was 9 months. Heck, she still sleeps in our bed sometimes but babies don't keep! and I wanted to soak up every second with my only child while she's still an only child.. (because I want like 5 babies)

So a tiny little back story, Olive slept with us every night until she was 9 months. At around that point we moved into a new home and she was starting to wake up at 3 am and hit my face and want to play. She was also becoming a little restless and rolling in her sleep all night so we knew it was time to start putting her in her crib. I think I had a harder time with it then she did. I was so use to my sweet girl cuddling us each night that I was so sad. Austin was sad too, he still to this day says "can't we go get her? she wants us" lol total daddy girls right there.... But anyways once the transition happened I was still pulling her into bed with us at night to nurse and maybe waking up an hour later and going to put her back. Eventually she was waking up 6,7,8 times per night and wanting me to nurse her and it was exhausting. I was angry like ALL the time, because lack of sleep and me dont mix well and I also new she didn't need me, she was just waking up and crying because she couldn't find comfort or going through a developmental leap. Who knows but she definitely wasn't hungry.

So our journey with night weaning began and it was HARD. We've always let Olive cry for 10 minutes... not scream, but cry and if she doesn't stop within that 10 minutes we go in there. Babies are SMART and she totally plays us. Sometimes she'll cry as we walk out the door and stop 3 minutes later and go right to sleep. So for us the 10 minute rule has always been a good balance. The first week Austin woke up every night with her no matter how many times she woke up. Sometimes a bottle of almond milk would work, sometimes watching a show for 15 minutes would work, sometimes food did the trick and most times nothing worked. She was just angry and wanted me. These were the nights she cried a little longer than 10 minutes and eventually after him trying so many times I would have to go in there nurse her for maybe 30 seconds and she would pass out. None of us got sleep and lets just say our house wasn't a fun place to be that week.

So the next week, we decided that HE would put her to sleep and I would get up with her but wouldn't bring her into our bed. AND something magical happened. It was like we found the secret. If Austin put her to bed she would sleep through the night but if I put her to bed she would wake up. Which seems so odd. I also made a rule that if she woke up before midnight I would nurse her but if she woke up before 3am I wouldn't nurse her and would figure out how to get her back down. We let her cry a little longer than 10 minutes during this week in the middle of the night. We have a sound machine in her room and our room and it almost always worked. She would fall asleep and then wake up around 5am.  

So heres our routine, Olive goes to sleep around 7/7:30 and sleeps till about 5am. I nurse her and she goes back to sleep till we wake up around 7:30. She still takes 2 naps a day. If Austin puts her to bed she usually always sleeps unless we wake her up by checking on her (happens more often than I want to admit #overprotectiveparent) Before he puts her to bed and after she has eaten dinner we have a good nursing session and then he takes her and plays with her in her room for 10-15 minutes where they play and read stories, then he turns off the lights, turns the sound machine on and rocks her and she falls asleep in his arms. (I'm slightly, SOO jealous of this)

So theres our journey with night weaning, not sure if it will even answer any of your questions but for those who have asked as well, we aren't weaning during the day until Olive is ready and right now she is waking up at night because teething is everyones worst nightmare.