Mamas Little Helper

Happy Monday! I'm excited to post my first post that has to do with both of my girls. We partnered with Nosiboo to share about their Pro Nasal Aspirator. We received the aspirator shortly before Pearl was born and I started showing Olive how to suck "boogies" out of her babies noses. The machine isn't really loud, but it's definitely a new noise to Olive so I wanted to make it something playful and for her to learn that she can help when Pearl came along but also let us use it on herself as well.

We've always had a handheld aspirator that we would have to suck manually and I would always be so out of breath. So I was really excited to see how this one worked and thankful I didn't have to do any of the work.  I must have forgotten how congested newborns to get while they are adjusting to their new world because Pearl was pretty congested within the first week and started choking a lot on her nasal drip. So we brought our Nosiboo out and have  used it every single day and night with her since. Now instead of her being restless we just suck all those "boggies" out as Olive likes to call them and then she can nurse happily and go back to sleep. Olive loves that she can help, even though we have to remind her to be gentle from time to time. It's BPA-free, easy to clean and you have full control over the suction level. It's perfect for this season full of weather change. Especially in Colorado, when its 80 one day and 40 the next and our bodies cant quite figure out what to do and stuffy noses tend to stick around.

You can purchase a Nosiboo Pro Aspirator from Amazon HERE.