One week with our Pearl girl!

Our sweet Pearl Esther Pollock joined us on September 25th at 10:40 in the morning. Surprising us and weighing 5lbs 15oz (Olive was 5lbs 7oz) and a head full of a dark hair. She was born at home surrounded by the best birth team a mama could ask for. I will share her birth story when I find the right words along with some birth photos that take my breath away. 

I can't believe she is a week old and that I am a mom of TWO. This has been one of the sweetest most fulfilling weeks of my life. We all took it really easy this past week but finally got outside on Saturday for a walk to go grab some coffee and take Olive to the park. Today I got really brave and took both girls out by myself. It all went really well until the ride home when I had a mini breakdown and then Olive refused to nap because we missed her "window". But Austin came to our rescue and saved the day with chocolate almonds and vegan cookies so I was happy.

Olive has been incredible with Pearl. She is such a sweet big sister and anytime Pearl doesn't have her paci in her mouth she goes "oooo PASSS ooooo PASS" and runs over to put it in her mouth even when Pearl doesn't want it. It's almost like Olive grew 10 sizes overnight when we had Pearl. Everyone said that she would seem bigger but no one said she would actually become a GIANT. Her hands and feet all the sudden seem huge and she is trying to form sentences and talking ALL day long. It's so bittersweet, but she handled this transition like a champ and we are so proud of her. 

Don't get me wrong there have been tears shed from everyone but for the most part, Austin & I have really been able to just laugh through the tantrums and tired eyes. I said it a lot on Instagram but we were SO ready for this new season, so now that its here everything feels like it has fallen into place. 

Below are a few pictures from our first week as a family of 4!