Getting Cozy With Burrow

Happy Monday! You might have noticed we rebranded! It's been a long time coming but I finally rolled my sleeves up and got serious about making the switch! Before the site was more photography based and I got a lot of feedback that my blog posts were hard to find. So I am personally loving the new layout so much and now all the blog posts are broken up by category and you should be able to search for whatever you are looking for. I still have a few (a year's worth lol) blog posts to link but they will be finished up by Friday! You can also still see my photography portfolio above and I will still continue to update that as well. I hope you love this update as much as I do! I'm so thankful for each and every one of you that reads, comments and follows along on social media. This blog has grown into so much more than I ever dreamt and I'm excited to see where it goes!

Today we partnered with Burrow to talk about this dreamy couch! When we finished the downstairs we moved all of our furniture down including the couch + tv. I couldn't wait to get the tv out of our front room because I felt like it was a constant distraction. Once we did that, it left space to create a sitting room. I wanted to keep this space distraction free. A living space where we could play with toys, read books, color and drink wine together. This couch was the perfect fit.

It ships in separate boxes which can be a little intimidating but I'm not over exaggerating when I say it takes a total of 15 minutes to put together..(which made my husband + brother incredibly happy) But what really sold me was that it's chemical free, stain resistant, manufactured in the US with all with an affordable price tag! Ever since starting D Is For Darling and having it produced in the United States, Austin and I have been more conscious of the brands we buy and items we bring into our homes and supporting the country we live in.  We picked the crushed gravel color and weren't too worried about having kiddos around it since its stain resistant. We put it together while Olive was napping and when she woke up she had a blast jumping on it. Now every morning after she wakes up she asks to go sit read and snuggle.

Best part, I know it will last through our family changes over the years and even a move because we can take it apart to fit through any door frame. If you're in the market for a new couch or chairs check into Burrow and you can use code "koleimpressions" for $50 off! Stay tuned for our entire living room reveal! Oh and baby Pearl loves it too!