A Lunch Date With Plated

Let's talk meal planning. I'll be the first to admit I am awful at meal planning and working really hard to get better. I'm working on giving myself grace between everything I'm trying to balance in my life and that's where Plated steps in! Plated is a meal delivery service that you can customize to your life. You can pick how many meals you want to be delivered, for how many people and then cook them up with zero stress! It's nice having everything you need delivered to your door sometimes and you can even skip weeks if it's not needed. 

The other morning my friend Brandi came over to have some coffee and ended up staying over for lunch. I thought it was the perfect time to cook up one of my Plated meals because we both love Indian flavors!  I made the Chana Masala recipe and we both agreed that it was delicious and that the fried scallions on top totally made the dish. When you order your Plated box each meal comes with a recipe. I actually really loved this one because it shared how the liquid in cans of chickpeas is usually thrown away but it can be used as an egg white replacement to thicken things!  I thought that was so cool and will definitely keep that in mind since I'm always looking for egg replacements.

If you're interested in making mealtime easier but still full of fresh and seasonal ingredients I'd totally recommend trying Plated! You can use code Stephanie50 for 50% off you're first box! Let me know if you end up trying it!