a few things to do for yourself Postpartum

Pearl is two weeks old today but somehow it feels like she's been with us forever. Today though feels hard so I'm listening to THIS song on repeat and letting go of any "failures" I'm feeling. Olive helped me make soup for dinner and start some laundry and pearl is sleeping on my chest. So overall it's a good day.

I wanted to share with you all a few simple things I try and make sure I do for myself each day to still feel like me and keep my joy. It's easy to get lost in motherhood and taking care of everyone else so I'm doing my best to remember to take care of myself .

1. Getting ready: I never really took advantage of getting ready when I just had Olive. I loved that season of motherhood and wouldn't change it but I will admit I did kind of get lost in motherhood (which we all do at some point) and it took some time for me to find myself again. Now, having an almost two-year-old and a newborn I've learned that when I feel refreshed I'm able to parent with a more joyful heart. So right now I am getting somewhat ready when Olive goes down for her morning nap. I've never been a morning person and one day I hope I'll have the energy to get up before my kiddos and get ready... I'm sure one day I will have to. But in this season right now, I'm able to take our mornings slow and get ready while my babies sleep. Getting ready can be just putting on "real clothes" brushing my hair and applying some moisturizer. I've been using these GLOW sticks from Pink House Organics all summer long and love how they make me look natural yet put together. My favorite colors are Rose Gold + Copper on top of each other.

2. Taking vitamins: Vitamins are SO important. Whenever I'm feeling off, I usually always look my vitamin intake and adjust. We've been using vitamins from care/of for months now and really love the service. You can read my blog post about it here and use code POLLOCK50 for 50% off your order. I also encapsulated my placenta and totally recommend it. I encapsulated it with Olive and I completely agree with the studies that show it helps balance your hormones after birth. Anytime I'm feeling down I go take some of those.

3. Getting fresh air: FRESH AIRRRR does wonders for your soul but also your toddler! I am ALL for taking it completely easy, turning on a few too many shows and staying home. But Olive's behavior is a thousand times better when we don't watch shows and get outside. So I've been being brave and taking the girls to the park by myself. It's a lot less scary when you just get out and do it and a lot easier than I thought when you just wrap your newborn to your chest. We also were just given a playhouse for our backyard which has been the biggest blessing. I grab something yummy to drink, bundle the babes up and sit outside for a bit while Olive plays and we all get fresh air.

4. Eating at least ONE real meal a day: I made a promise to myself that I would make sure to eat at least one REAL meal a day. A real meal full of lots of veggies and protein. It's so easy to snack all day and make sure everyone else is fed. For me, this meal is a soup full of veggies or a big salad with lots of greens. I also have found that if I make dinner around 3 pm or at least prep dinner then we will actually eat before 9 pm. Don't get me wrong, Pearls only 2 weeks old, I'm certainly not on top of making dinner every night but I'm trying to get in the habit of Olive helping me instead of turning on a show for her to watch. I post a lot of recipes on my blog facebook page and Instagram stories in case you're curious what we have been making! 

I asked all of you on Instagram what are some things you do for yourself and here were some of my favorites! 

  • Clean the kitchen before you go to bed
  • making your bed every morning
  • journaling
  • doing 1 load of laundry a day
  • making sure you have 10 minutes to yourself to get ready if your on a tight schedule
  • doing 10 minutes of exercise to get your blood pumping
  • baths after the kids go to sleep

ALSO... I started ordering my groceries online using Instacart...its a huge game changer and when the groceries get delivered to the door it makes me feel like I am on top of the world. I use to say I would never order my groceries online butttttt now I have 2 kids!