Let's be Honest Mamas : Family Traditions

Time sure is flying by these days, we knew that when Pearl came this season would go by even faster than usual. With Birthdays coming up, Holidays and daylight savings the days just seem to disappear if you blink!  Even though there's so much happening and so much change we have been trying to be intentional about family time. Kacie from elementsofellis.com put together some awesome questions for this months Let’s Be Honest Mama’s Post. This months theme is all about family traditions.

  1. What do family traditions mean to you?/Why are they important to you?
    Austin & I were just talking about this, this morning! Today is actually his Birthday! Both of us love birthdays and now that we have a family with two little girls we are re-evaluating how we celebrate and trying to be intentional about traditions that include them as well. We both agreed that traditions are so important because they give you such a sense of belonging to your family and something to look forward too!

  2. What are some of your holiday family tradition?
    Well, for Birthdays we like to celebrate Birthday Month! It doesn't have to be super extravagant, but we like to get each other little gifts throughout the entire month celebrating that person. Whether that's a coffee on the way home or a new kitchen utensil we know that person has been wanting. Just a little thinking about you gifts! For Valentines Day Austin and I have always just got take out Thai food with a 6 pack of hard cider and stayed in watching movies. We are still figuring out what we want our Thanksgiving/Christmas family traditions to be since our girls are so young. A few are cutting down a Christmas tree in the woods, making breakfast Christmas morning and we are learning how to give gifts that are experiences instead of toys or clothes.

  3. Family traditions don't just have to be holiday based...what are your daily/weekly family traditions?
    We are currently in such a crazy time in our lives. Running 3 businesses and raising two girls under two, it' quite the balancing act. But we have started trying to eat dinner once a week together at the table and go on at least 2 dates a month as a couple. We are hoping to start taking Olive on one on one dates as well!

  4. Share your tips for creating strong family traditions. (Examples: Communication, Scheduled family time, etc)  
    I think this is honestly, accessing where your family is at and going from there. Realizing every tradition doesn't have to start right away and its never to late to start one! Also if you have something you are really wanting to do, take the time to sit down and talk to your spouse or extended family about it and plan it out. Don't just try to do it all on your own and express your expectations so that way your not disappointed. After all traditions should be fun instead of stressful!

  5. Tell us something positive you have seen come out of making an effort to have family traditions/family time?
    Connection! There is nothing better than truly connecting with the ones you love and people around you. We all want to be known and feel a connection to others so I think traitions help with that. Its so easy to sit on your phone and not engage and I think setting up traditions helps carve that time out. 

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