Happy Monday Friends, We partnered with Smilo today to chat all about their amazing baby products. Their slogan is "Babies are fussy, so are we" and I love that because as a parent I'm super fussy about what I let my babies use. 

Pearl is 99.9% breastfed but takes a bottle here and there so I can go to an appointment or run an errand baby free. It can be overwhelming when you go to pick out a baby bottle and also kind of emotional. It's hard to let someone else feed your baby and I always want to make sure it's as smooth as possible for Austin and Pearl. We went through quite a few with Olive and I wish I would have found these bottles sooner! Smilo's nipples have a mom-like milk duct which provides less suction for easier latching. Which reduces their air intake by 44% helping to reduce colic, gas and ear infections! Pearl can be so gassy and I love that when I have to leave her I don't have to worry about her taking in extra air and being miserable and fussy for Austin. Her face in these photos crack me up because she kept looking at me like "mom why aren't you feeding me if you are here?" 

Olive has become the worlds best big sister since Pearl's been born. Anytime she cries shes always trying to give her a paci and she makes sure to let us know Pearl needs our attention. She'll be playing and drop everything and say "OH NO, Where's PEARL!?" and insist on seeing her even if she's sleeping. Her love runs deep but she doesn't always understand how to be gentle. She especially loves to help Pearl with her paci even when Pearl doesn't need it. I have to be extra careful or else she'll just be shoving it in her mouth. Thankfully, Pearl has latched really well with these Pacis so most of the time she'll take it and Olive will walk away. Smilo also makes glow in the dark pacis which I think is the best invention ever! Becuase so often at night we go to look for a paci and have to turn on the lights to find one.

All of their research is backed by science and created by parents who double as doctors and scientists. Smilo's products are BPA-Free and offer a variety of sizes to grow with your child. We are using the Fuss Free Bottle & Pallet Support Paci!

Leave a comment below with any questions and I'd be happy to get back to you!