Lets Be Honest Mamas: Holiday Edition

Hey Friends, tonight I'm continuing the Let's Be Honest Mamas group series and this month where we are talking all about the holidays. I love being part of this group and hearing how others live their lives! I think we can learn so much from others and love using this space to share knowledge and bring people together. Thanks to Kacie from Elements of Ellis (find her blog here + IG here) who puts these group posts together once a month. 

  1. How do you make the holidays less hectic around your home?

    We've tried to really enjoy this season for everything that it is and to remember what Christmas is all about, our savior Jesus Christ. Giving Gifts are fun but I think can be overwhelming at times too. For us, we always want to give out a peaceful heart and we never want to feel stressed because gifts can be an obligation. (Even though I still stress at times because I procrastinate) When it comes down to it, the Holidays are about coming together and spending time and I think if you can keep that in mind you can let go of some of the stress.

  2. In a season inundated with receiving, how do you teach your kids about giving?

    Our girls are still so small, so this is a hard question. But growing up, I watched my mom pay for the cars in line behind us. If that was at tolls or a drive-through and I always admired how she gave so openly. Money didn't run her life and I think if you can lead by example in your everyday life and not "just when the holidays come around" your kids will grow up with a good head on their shoulders and often lend a helping hand.

  3. It's easy to overspend this season. Share your tips for limiting the amount you spend on gifts. 

    This year we have really taken on the 4 gift rule.
    Something they want
    Something they need
    something to wear
    something to read

    I think it's easy to overspend and I love these four simple guidelines when it comes to gifting. We are really trying to get into the habit of 4 simple things plus one family experience. Next year we really want to take on a new gift-giving approach with our families as well. We want the girls to experience life and not just fill a house with things. It can be a touchy subject with family but I think it's important to instill those values within our girls and for them to remain thankful and not expectant. 

    4. In order to enjoy the holidays, it's important to be thoughtful with your celebrations and only do the things that make you happy. Are there traditions you've said “no” to? How did you make that change/tell your friends and family “no” is a way that didn't upset them?

    We've started some new traditions this year like cutting down our tree and coming home and drinking hot chocolate. Getting Olive a little rosemary tree for her room and putting a new ornament on it every day. (the super cheap $3 for 20 ornaments). Constantly having Christmas music playing and reading or watching a Christmas story or show. 

    We haven't had to say no to any traditions yet but somehow I would like to incorporate the simple gift giving to our families. So that way the girls are getting gifts that they need and use and won't grow tired of.  Im sure we will run into when the girls are older and I can't wait to go read everyone else's post to see how they deal with it! 

    Also I posted on Instagram the other night that I made Vegan Hot Chocolate and I got so many questions about it. 

    It was just your choice of non-dairy milk.... We use Almond or Pea Milk. Then milk it with Cacao (different than coco) and add coconut sugar to taste.You could add real vegan chocolate shavings for a richer chocolate taste or cayenne pepper for a spicy hot chocolate!

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