Mama Style Giveaway!

Happy Friday Friends!! We are busy over here hanging garland and getting lots of work done so we can take a nice break Christmas week! Since getting home from Chicago, we've had the Frank Sinatra Christmas radio playing constantly in the background and we are cutting down our tree this weekend. Christmas really is so wonderful and this year I've been really trying to teach Olive about Jesus and why we celebrate Christmas. While we were in Chicago my mom and I took her to go see the movie The Star, and you guys, it was amazing. It stuck so true to the birth of Jesus and was so cute and simple for kids to understand. I think Austin & I are going to take her to it again closer to Christmas so we can talk to her more about it. So if you haven't seen it, take your kiddos and go it's totally worth it and you'll probably cry like I did!

I wanted to share this new mama style look with you all. It's my favorite jeans that I wrote about in this post HERE, paired with a few mama essentials. My Solly Baby wrap, my Fawn Design diaper bag and these clog boots from Maguba Shoes! I wore Olive in my wrap from 0-16 months! She was smaller so I got away with wearing her longer but these wraps are a life saver. Olive and Pearl both love them and I love being able to keep both my babies close and still be able to play and have a free hand or two! This is my second Fawn Design bag, I use to have the tan leather one but it got stolen (so so sad about it still) I love these Diaper Bags because they are big, but not too big and are simple and stylish. anddddd onto these clog boots! I am a huge fan of clogs and usually wear my other clogs paired with socks for the winter but I'm super happy to have a pair that covers my ankles! Who says moms cant have style while running around chasing kiddos?

I'll be hosting a giveaway tonight at 7 pm Mountain time for :

  • $75 credit to Fawn Design
  • A Solly Baby Wrap of your choice
  • A pair of clogs from Maguba Shoes
  • A Pair of Shoes for your little one from Mon Petit Shoes ! We love these shoes the quality is incredible. Pearl is wearing them in the photos above and Olive has a matching pair but we have entered the " I can only find one of her shoe phases" because she likes to put them around the house. 

    And for those asking Olives Fur Vest is from HERE and my sweater is thrifted!