One Big Happy Valentine!

This month we partnered with Gymboree to celebrate Valentines Day! We never really did much for V-day before Olive, mostly we would just get some Thai food and watch a few movies. But holidays just get so much more fun when you add kiddos into the picture! Last year Austin brought home a GIANT teddy bear for Olive and it made me melt into one big puddle!

This year we plan to each take Olive on a little date and then hopefully go on a date of our own. Austin's schedule been a little bit busy so before Olive & I left for vacation we got all festive and took Olive to our favorite french bakery, then we went on a walk and a drive through the mountains. It was so fun being dressed in reds and pinks and as silly as it sounds I think we all felt more lovey. You all can pick out some super cute Valentines Day outfits from Gymboree too! Almost all of their Valentines clothes are 50% off on

I think this year we will also try and let Olive paint a few little Valentines! Have any of you let your babies paint before? Do you squirt some paint in a plastic bag and let them press it around or do you just go all out and let them paint? I'd love to hear your ideas for toddler crafts.

This post was sponsored by Gymboree. But as always, all thoughts and opinions are our own!

My overalls are from Soel Boutique and my Pink Booties are from Amazon! Links below!