Vacation Blues

Happy Weekend. We spent the last week in California drinking green smoothies eating lots of vegan food and pretending it was summer. We go home tomorrow and as sad I am to leave I'm trying my best to be joyful and not let those post vacation blues sneak up on me.  I wanted to share a few tips about how to kick the vacation blues when returning home. 

1. Be thankful! This is probably the easiest yet the hardest. Be thankful that it happened and thankful for your life and everything you have. Its so easy to wish for this or that or to think one place is better than the other. And while an island vacation full of sunshine is probably better than Winter. Remember Winter is full of tons of cuddle time that doesn't happen in the summer.

2. Get outside and exercise! Load up the kids and go to the park or grab your gym shoes and go for a run. Get moving, because sitting inside and sulking leads nowhere.

3. Detox! whether you ate bad or healthy on your trip, find some of your favorite juice or healthy recipes. Eating light and healthy will lift your spirits and give you the energy to get up and get moving.

4. Dive into the word and journal! Express the desires of your heart with Jesus and trust him to fulfill your heart.

5. Plan and save for your next vacation or small weekend getaway. If it's going to be quite a while away try and plan something fun in the next town over or a fun family day. 

Now let's all hope the groundhog was wrong and that spring is right around the corner!

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