24 y-e-a-r-s

Yesterday was my Birthday. I am officially 24, which to me... is very odd. I'm one of those people who's never felt her age and haven't thought much about the real age that I am. Ive gone through life and I've done things "early" as people will say. But my life is exactly what its suppose to be so age is such a silly thing. ALSO If you missed it on Social Media we are expecting baby number TWO! 

Our little Vegan baby will be here late September, Early October. So this Birthday I'm feeling extra grateful that I have a baby on my hip (or attached to my leg) and a baby in the womb. Its been total radio silence over here lately because I am NOT good at secrets. I can keep other's secrets but being pregnant is such a hard secret to keep! So I just couldn't write about anything without wanting to share so I just stayed quiet on this space.

Theres so many things to be thankful for this year and I tried to write them all down here but the list kept getting long. So heres a few:

  1. Gods hand on my life, Im so thankful.
  2. My growing family!!!! 
  3. My husbands extreme amount of patience, even though he doesn't think he has any.
  4. SPRING. Because Sunshine is the best and Winter is a bummer. I think I have my babies in the fall/winter as something to give me hope and excitement. God knows I need it in those months.
  5. Vinegar and lemons because its all I want right now.
  6. Social Media + Blogging because of it I've made so many BFFs across the world.
  7. Avocado Toast because I don't know how I survived years without it.
  8. That Olive is still nursing. Even though I get so frustrated sometimes I love the bond we have because of it.
  9. Whole Foods because its my Happy Place. and they make a killer Matcha Lemonade.  
  10. My birthday presents that include THIS cook book & THIS book. You need them.

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