15 months of Olive + a video

15 months of our Olive Darling. AH! its been a long time since I've posted one of these updates. Our little Kalamata is growing up right before our eyes and everyday I tell her to stay little.

 At 15 months Olive loves to fly and has been on 22 flights. She still hates the car and cries quite a bit. BUT this little lady is a foodie and can be bribed with food and I'm totally okay with that. One day I was starving and I ate her snack in the car (mom fail) and she screamed the entire way home and I fully regretted eating those apples instead of just letting her eat them. LESSON LEARNED. I'll be sharing more of what she eats later this week but her favorite foods right now are...

  • "Nanas" she could eat 3 in one sitting if we let her
  • Papayas she will always eat a papaya! 
  • Seaweed, this girl and her seaweed she's obsessed
  • Avocados most days she will eat 2 avocados. Bring on all the healthy fats.
  • Carrots + Hummus she loves to be a big girl and dip the hummus
  • And recently grapefruit. I have been on a grapefruit kick and she never lets me have one for myself!

She eats plenty more but I'll save everything them for the other food post. We are so proud of the way that she eats and that she LOVES to food just like we do! 

SLEEEEP. Olive sleeps from 6:30pm till 6:30am and though, I wish she would sleep till 9am I can't complain because babes sleeping through the night is the best thing ever. She use to go to bed later but cut down to 1 nap a day and she just can't make it much later than 6:30.

I've always said this but our sweet girl is very aware of her feelings and emotions. She is SO silly when she is happy and literally radiates joy.  When she is sad she still gets that sad lip she did when she was an itty bitty newborn and it makes up just pick her up and cuddle the heck out of her. And when she's frustrated theres lots of signing the sign "PLEASE" over and over again thinking that will help get her way. 

She's not saying a ton of words, but talks and talks all day long in her own little language. She does sign quite a bit though and that has been such a fun way to communicate. We are currently working on the sign "sorry" when she needs to apologize. Her favorite actual words right now are Shoes + Juice and sometimes she says love you and llama. 

If I'm doing something in the kitchen and I go look for her she is usually almost always in her room with a book. she's really taken to books this past month and loves to sit in our laps and flip through the pages. I love watching her little mind explore and learn.

Life with her is so fun and each and every day there is something new. I just want to soak her up because I can't imagine her growing anymore than she already has.