An Easy Family Hike with Keen

Every Sunday we try to get out and go on a family hike. Usually, it's a pretty hard hike and a new trail we are unfamiliar with, so Olive hangs out in the carrier most of the time. This weekend we wanted to do something easy and fun for her to enjoy. So we made a quick stop for smoothies and went to Garden Of the Gods to let her explore. Garden of the Gods is a huge tourist area but there's also tons and tons of trails that tourist don't know about, so we usually stick with those so that way we can explore without having a 100 people on the same trail. 

I honestly, forgot the carrier and was frustrated because I figured she would get tired and want to be held the entire time. I was SO wrong, this chick walked the entire time. We were on the trail for an hour and anytime we picked her up to go over a steep part she was so mad. She just wanted to do it all by herself. We were both so proud of her and kept celebrating with her every time she climbed something new by herself. It's amazing how much strength her little legs have...probably from all the squats she does. That girl can squat, I have to take some lessons from her. 

The day felt so perfect. She didn't complain or cry she just laughed and smiled and adventured her little heart out. She of course didn't have time to stop and smile at the camera but I think we got some fun photos for her to look back on when she's older. When it comes to hiking and shoes we are huge Keen Fans. Olive is wearing the Chandler CNX and I totally recommend them. They have great support and stay on really well. I'm wearing Keen's new Terradora Waterproof boot and I was super impressed. I love my other hiking boots from Keen but these are much more lightweight and I felt like I could even run in them. Last, Austins wearing Aphlex Waterproof boot and he raves about the ankle support and insane grip they have. The trails in Colorado have tons of rocks and uneven surfaces because the rain ruins everything. So it's so easy to roll your ankle or break a toe. Something we both have done while hiking, its nice to feel like we are giving our bodies and feet a fighting chance with good quality shoes. 

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