To the Gardens.. I mean the Farm

This past weekend we attempted to go to the botanical gardens.....but apparently we went to the wrong location. I was excepting rows of flowers and we pulled up to a field, with a path and a few animals. I couldn't help but laugh because this kind of stuff happens to us a lot.

We decided to stay and make it a fun time even tho the name still said botanical gardens and it was by no means the kind I had always been to. Olive didn't really know the difference anyways and it was such a beautiful day. We spent the next few hours walking along the paths and going back and forth between the animals. I swear she would have stayed and laughed at the chickens all day. Every time a rooster would "cock-a-doodle-dooooo" she would scream with laughter and try to do it too.

Having an almost 18-month-old really makes you stop and see all the little parts of life. She just found bugs for the first time and now anytime we see any single ant she will squat down and say "Hii-iii iii".  She has so much wonder about every new thing, it's the best thing in the world.

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