A Day Trip

Last weekend we took a little day trip to one of our favorite spots not too far away. You get the mountains and pretty scenery without having to drive two hours. (Its called 11-mile canyon for all of those who asked!) We took these photos here when Olive was SO small. We were really looking forward to a peaceful drive up, crossing our fingers that Olive was going to nap and that we would get that adult conversation time. Buttttt she had other plans and was pretty annoyed with being her in her car seat. But all was made right again when let her finally go in the water. This girl is water crazy, She would literally jump into the water head first with Z-E-R-O fear. She went through both outfits I brought her and spent the ride home mostly naked and fast asleep but isn't that what being a kid is all about? Getting messy and playing hard. 

Olive is 16 months and I'm afraid I'm forgetting so many of the cute things she does. I need to journal them more but a few of my favorite things are: 

  1. How she talks all day long in her own language. But thinks she's totally holding a conversation with you so you have to be involved and respond back. 
  2. how when she's ready for bed she will get her llama and her sleep sac and say night night. Then want to be rocked and sang to until she's falls asleep.
  3. She makes lots of animal sounds and growls at all big/dog looking things. Even on the TV if a cartoon dog pops up she rawrss... its so cute and I never want her to grow out of it. 
  4. She's always by my feet. I can't walk anywhere without her near and I love our little bond
  5. How many kisses she will give her papa. If she's sad, I'll say give papa a kiss and shell yell DADA and give him a big SMOOCH. We're still working on the fact that she calls everything dada. 

I know everyone loves their own kids so much, but if I could bottle Olive's sweet tender spirit up and share it with everyone I would. Because she is LOVE. Going on these little adventures with my family brings such life to my soul. Sometimes we just have to get out of the city. I don't do well in one place for too long so these trips are so essential to my sanity! We are currently working on a summer bucket list and I will share it here soon! 

Im wearing a dress from Not Perfect Linen. An amazing handmade clothing company that I drool over. If you follow me on instagram ill be hosting a giveaway for this dress tonight! Shoes are from The Avarca Store

Olive is wearing a pinafore from Emmies Room and bonnet from


*Every shop that I share is near and dear to my heart. I've been really working on changing our wardrobes to a "slow fashion" mindset and purchasing items with intention. For me having a smaller closet, yet a sustainable wardrobe is more attractive to me than a closet full of things I've worn once, which I'm totally guilty of from time to time.