18 Week Bumpdate

18 weeks with baby girl number two! I can't believe I haven't updated this space with photos yet. The truth is I don't really have a bump... baby girl is still hiding and even though I can feel her move theirs not quite a bump to show growth. I decided I better start now or else it will be her due date by the time I get around to posting. (Thanks to my mother in law for reminding me) Over anything, I'm just so thankful to be carrying another sweet baby girl and helping her grow healthy and strong.

Baby Size: A sweet potato or bell pepper! Every site says something different. We have our 20-week ultrasound coming up and I can't wait to learn more about her.

Current Cravings: This pregnancy I have a big appetite. I am always hungry and I blame nursing + growing a baby. But just like with Olive I'm craving citrus like grapefruit, sour like lots of matcha lemonades and avocado toast with honey and siracha!

The Bump: Still hiding. Everyone says you show faster on your second pregnancy.. but this little one seems to be a lot like her big sister.

Looking Forward To: Our home birth! With Olive, we planned on having a home birth and we are planning on it again. We have our DREAM midwife and I'm so excited to birth. I love birth!

Meaningful moments: Feeling babies little kicks and flutters. It's not an every day all day thing yet but I definitely notice them when she does.

Austin's Thoughts: Trying to wait patiently to feel the baby kick! He still can't quite feel her so we are hoping any day now. He's also excited to be a papa of TWO girls! 

Olive Thoughts: Olive likes to kiss my belly a million times and practice feeding and holding her baby dolls. She currently is using an empty bottle of teething tablets in place of a bottle to feed her baby, that girl has a big imagination! 

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