Protein Smoothies With Olly Nutrition

Today I'm partnering with OLLY Nutrition to share my recent routine with their new Super Foods Protein Smoothie. As you know we love healthy food and are so passionate about sharing it with others. My favorite part is that this smoothie is 100% plant based. That means no animals were harmed but it also means it's free of hormones and antibiotics that can be found in other non-vegan proteins. Not to mention its non-GMO which is perfect, because we don't allow GMO's in our home! 

Recently our mornings have been spent at the gym working out, playing and swimming. Then we come home and Olive naps right away and I make myself a Super Foods Smoothie to recuperate from the gym. After Olive wakes up I make her a Kids Nourishing Smoothie with her lunch so that way we both have enough energy while we go run errands and play outside. We've been using the Super Foods Smoothie + Kids Nourishing Smoothie for a bit now and love how much it sustains us throughout the day.

I especially love sharing these smoothies because protein is as essential as calcium or vitamin D to help maintain bone strength and structure. Being vegan, I try our best to be conscious of our protein and this is a great solution and healthy reminder to get a boost of protein every day. 

It's so important in our house to maintain a balanced whole food diet. I think it’s so easy in the businesses of our day-to-day lives to forget to take care of our bodies. I’m happy we found something fast, simple and delicious to help our bodies keep up with our lives.

When we’re whipping up our smoothies, we usually add a banana, almond milk, berries and sometimes an avocado to make it extra smooth. But you can just mix it with 10 ounces of your favorite beverage and go!

What are some of your tips to make sure you’re getting enough protein in your diets? Have you tried OLLY Smoothies before? I’d love to hear your favorites!

This post was sponsored by OLLY, but all opinions are my own.