Keeping House

Raise your hand if you have one or seven house cleaning chores you hate. (I'm over here raising all my hands!!!!) One of my biggest pet peeves is sweeping. Our entire house is hardwood/tile and we don't have a cute little mudroom to capture all of the dirt. So every single day I was sweeping and mopping and this mama was going insane. That was, until my BEST FRIEND bObi ...aka Bob came into our life. Bob is our little robotic vacuum and I kid you not, he is another family member. I like to call him HE and be all feminist about it even though I'm like the complete opposite of a feminist. Bob has many names though, the babysitter, our boyfriend sent from above, bObiiiiiii. Olive likes to yell at him all the time to turn on and in return, Bob likes to follow us around the house. Honestly, he's attached to us as much as we are to him. It's a real true romance I tell ya.

I'll admit I wasn't on the whole robotic vacuum train. I saw them around and thought "do they really work or do they just run into walls and fall down stairs?". Friends, our bObi Classic from bObsweep is UH-MAZE-ING. Like so amazing, a lot of times while he is going and I should be doing other things because he's saving me so much time, Olive and I just sit and stare at him. Or if Olive is having a hard moment, we turn him on and we're all smiles again. You can set him to clean on certain days of the week, certain lengths of time, when to go charge and he'll go charge himself right up. He has over 80 sensors that help him not get stuck on walls or fall down stairs. He has a HEPA filter that helps shrink those allergens and really he is just our hero. The only thing you have to do is dump out his filter...... but if you forget enough like me your husband might do it for you. #loveyoubabe 

I haven't touched the broom since Bob arrived and that makes me one extremely happy person. Now if only there was a robot for laundry! The team over at bObsweep sent us over our new soul mate to give you a honest review and if you can tell how much we love him, come over and we will show you! I'll make you a cup of coffee and we can sit in silence and amazement as bob cleans up all the dirt you tacked in.