20 Week Bumpdate!

Just about halfway through this pregnancy with baby girl P! We had our 20-week ultrasound last week. It was fun to see her but she was pretty much hiding the entire time. Everyone always gets these super cute profile pictures of their babes and I get feet and a butt. She is in the exact same position Olive was our whole pregnancy and even her tiny little hands are just like Olives was. She is head down and seemsing to stay put and is right on schedule. She's little on the smaller side but my midwife said she's not expecting me to make a huge baby. To be honest I'm really praying for a 6lb range. Olive was 5lbs... so I think 6 sounds just right and healthy.

Baby Size: An artichoke and as long as a banana! 

Current Cravings: Pita Sandwiches and fresh juice! 

The Bump: Making its way out and about! I'm still fitting into my pre-pregnancy jeans and clothes but also just loving dresses and a few maternity items.

Looking Forward To: Getting the nursery together, buying her a few new things and of course our home birth!

Meaningful moments: Austin finally felt her kick the other day! We both remember the first time he felt Olive and this moment was just as sweet. She is making her presence known every day and I forget how much I LOVE baby kicks. The ultrasound was fun and hearing her heartbeat is always the best sound in the world. She seems like such a sweetie just like her sister. I can't even believe we will have TWO girls.

Austin's Thoughts: So happy to feel the baby kick!

Olive Thoughts: She is very protective over me and my belly. She kisses and hugs her "ssssssister" but won't let Austin touch my belly if we are laying down. She also was super concerned at our ultrasound about me. She wanted to sit right up next to me and make sure I was okay and hugged me the entire time. 

These photos are from Look Out Mountain in Golden, Colorado. Austin + Olive tagged along with me as I shot some gorgeous engagement photos. Which you can see HERE. Olive was super clingy and tired and I love how sweet she is being in these photos. My dress is from one of my favorite shops called Friday Fav's