Our Weaning Journey

In case you missed it I wrote about why we weaned HERE. I wanted to drop in and update you all and say thank you to everyone who commented and reached out to me about weaning. As I said in my post I was very heartbroken over it but new it was time and I'm SO happy to say it went well.

Olive was only nursing before her nap and it felt like a huge part of her routine. I wasn't sure how to cut it out but decided to stick with a bottle of almond milk and see where that got us. On the first day, she wanted nothing to do with it and I was pretty impatient so she cried for about 10 minutes before going to sleep. Every day since then she's taken it and fallen asleep in my arms. 

This is our routine: 

We go into her room and I shut the blinds and say night-night and then I ask her to close the door and get her llama. She closes the door while I turn on the sound machine and then we get her in her sleep sack, pick up llama and the bottle and sit in the rocking chair. Then I feed her the bottle and she either drinks it all or pushes it away and then snuggles up to me and asks for the blanket over her head. (I know it's weird, but I like to sleep with something over my head and she does too) Then I sing or shhh her to sleep and she usually passes out and I lay her down and wha-la! 

Nap time was honestly a moment I use to dread because I was in so much pain and now putting her down for a nap is such a sweet moment for us. There was one moment where she was sitting on my lap and patted my chest and said "mama milk" and I said " oh baby I'm sorry mama's milk is all gone but we can snuggle" and she looked at me and sighed and laid her head on my chest and patted my back.. almost like she knew it was breaking my heart and was telling me it was going to be okay. She sat like that for almost 5 minutes and then got up and played and has never asked again. Though, she has taken a hilarious interest in Austin nipples... she points to them and says, MAMA, all the time. It's like she's saying "you're not suppose to have those papa".

I use to think that weaning meant we were going to lose our connection but if anything I feel like we have a better relationship now. Obviously, I still LOVE nursing but towards the end, the aversions were so unhealthy I'm happy we stopped. So I just wanted to share an update on how it was going since I got such a big response. A lot of you said you were in the same boat and felt guilty for wanting to wean but were in so much pain as well or had very strong aversions. I just wanted to encourage you that if you feel its time, you can do it! And you will come out on the other side of it happy and still connect to your baby!

My biggest tip if you're wanting to wean is to stop offering and only give it to them when they ask. If they ask all day long try distracting them with food and water to start cutting them back. Olive had stopped asking but I was still offering and once I realized that I was the one offering we cut back to twice a day. Nap time + Bedtime. Then I slowly weaned the nighttime feeding because she was too distracted and forgot to ask. Of course, she still asked when she got hurt or was sad but I slowly would just try to love on her instead of nursing her before we weaned. Make sure to comment below or email me if you have any specific questions! It's always hard to cover everything in one post.

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