A few things I want to remember

Just a few things I want to remember. 

  • Olive LOVES floating on her back. She's our little fish and loves the water SO much.
  • We recently joined a gym so when I went to pick her up the other day she was grasping onto a baby doll and wouldn't let it go. Just like she does at home or if we are in the car. (I'm still having a super hard time letting her go to the gym child care)
  • Austin & I miss co-sleeping so much. We attempted to bring Olive into bed with us at midnight last night and then realized it just wasn't going to work. She didn't quite get that it was time to still sleep. (Thankful to have another baby on the way to co-sleep with! sorry Olive)
  • 15 months was wonderful, 16 months was hard and 17 months is the BEST. Heres to hoping 18 months will be just as fun.
  • We went on a date the other night and for the first time in our history, we left the movie early. It was a super cute old theater but I could not get comfortable. There's a nerve in my back that really bothers me when I'm pregnant and Austin offered to leave and I said YES right away. I don't think he was expecting that but it was so kind! I felt so loved and happy to be out of that chair!

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