Starting a Garden

Last weekend we stopped at a new green house/garden center and spontaneously decided that "we need to start a garden". That morning we were talking about the insanely delicious 16-pound organic watermelon I bought at the store was and we were like let's give it a try! So we loaded up and took Olive on a little adventure. She had the best time shaking seed packets, smelling flowers, picking up rocks and running around. I chased her around while Austin did all the real work, like picking out exactly what we could grow and what would work with our soil. The owners and employees were so nice at Phelan Gardens and helped with any questions! The owners and employees were so nice at Phelan Gardens and helped with any questions! 

We picked up a variety of onions, potatoes, green beans, cucumber, peppers, tomatoes, kale, butter lettuce, broccoli and some herbs. We are praying, no seriously praying over our garden that it makes it through the last snow Colorado will dump on us. Right now we are watering everything and will plant this weekend. I'm excited to watch these little plant babies grow and hopefully save some money this summer! 

I will be 20 weeks on Friday, Which means we are almost halfway to meeting baby girl. Isn't that crazy? I feel like your first trimester goes by painfully slow and then before you know it you are almost in your third trimester! We had our 20 week ultrasound on Monday and got to see her. She was in the same position Olive always was in, but I'll save all of this for a bumpdate post!

I'm wearing a maternity dress from Ingrid & Isabel. I absolutely love the color and how buttery soft it is. Olive is wearing a super sweet hand knit dress from our friends over at J. Harlow & Co.  I met Amy the owner randomly at Whole Foods here in the Springs one rainy day. She was with her family, visiting her parents and was having lunch too. She so kindly came up to me and introduced herself. Our little girls are just a few days apart I love meeting people through social media and Amy and her family are so sweet! She sent over a few pieces for the girls and I can't even explain how amazing the quailty is. I will be keeping these forever!