Care/Of Vitamin Monthly Subscription!

Today I'm super excited to share about these Care/of Vitamins! If you know me, I'm a vitamin freak! We take lots of vitamins over here and if my hormones or feelings are out of whack I know that my vitamin intake is off. Care/of vitamins is a super simple way to personalize your vitamin needs and get them delivered right to your door.  Let's be honest, the vitamin aisle is a bit overwhelming. Every time I'm in it, I'm always asking questions, comparing brands and googling answers if there's no one around to help me. 

That's where Care/of comes in. You go to their site and answer some questions about yourself and your health (they even offer fully vegan packs!) and then you read the research, select if you want all their suggestions and then each pack is made just for you and delivered to you door step. Most packs are under $30 a month, and there's no membership fee. My favorite thing about the site is how transparent they are, they show you all their research and if its "mixed research, strong research or traditionally used" They share how long the studies have been going on with certain vitamins and where each vitamin is sourced, the site is a wealth of information and extremely helpful. 

In my pack I'm taking Iron, a Probiotic Blend (super important), Vitamin B12(insanely important), Rhodiola (supports stress + mood) and Magnesium (which everyone should be taking!) I also have the prenatal coming in the mail!

Im super excited to be able to offer you 50% off your first order with the code "POLLOCK50"

The test is completely free to take, so even if you're unsure it might be nice to take the test, and see what they suggest and look into the information! I'd love to know if you order and love your experience as much as me. 

This post was in collaboration with Care/of but all opinions are my own. As always I would never share something we didn't personally love and use in our own home.