Why You Should Be Using Reusable Swim Diapers!

We blinked and somehow it's JUNE! Which means SUMMER, which means swimming and fountains and splash pads every day! It feels like the snow is never ending here. I mean it snows from October to May. Even though we have some glorious 80 degree days in February and March summer always seems to go by way too fast. When the snow finally stops we try and spend as much time as we can outside and preferably at a pool of splash pad. 

I'm excited to partner with Thirsties Inc. to share about the launch of their new Swim Diapers pictured above. We personally have been using a reusable swim diaper since Olive was an infant and have been fans of Thirsties since cloth diapering so I was stoked when they announced they were launching a true Thirsties Swim Diaper.

The Diapers come in two sizes and as you can tell are super adjustable.  Each size has hip snaps to help prevent wing droop and adjustable rise snaps to grow with your babies size and weight. The outer shell is waterproof and inner is a soft mesh lining. One of my favorite parts is that they aren't bulky under swimsuits. Usually, swim diapers are so big and bulky bathing suits have a hard time fitting over them and when Olive has a suit on it almost looks like she's not wearing a swim diaper.

Here are a few reasons why you should ditch your disposable and use Reusable Swim Diapers! 

  • You'll save money. By buying a reusable swim diaper you only have a 1-time purchase instead of going through disposables and having to keep buying them. Think of the iced coffees you can be buying with all those saved penny's.
  • Better for the environment! These diapers are super adjustable. They fit babies 35 +. You won't be dumping diapers into a landfill instead you will just be using 1 reusable diaper that will last you more than the summer. Olive has been in the same one since she was a  newborn and we just switched sizes. 
  • They won't weigh your baby down. Let's be honest, swim diapers are meant to hold in poop so you're not THAT person with the kid that poops in the pool and then they have to close. These diapers have a waterproof outer shell with a mesh interior that way they won't absorb and weigh 5lbs by the time you get out of the pool like normal swim diapers.
  • Easy to clean. Even if you're not a cloth diaper family I promise reusable swim diapers are easy to clean and you don't have to be intimidated. You just wash them with your other swim clothes! Olive has had a few poop accidents in them and we just rinse them in the sink before throwing them in the wash.

Thirsties is launching their Swim Diapers on June 14th. They will be available on their website www.thirstiesbaby.com or you can visit their retailer locator to find a retailer near you https://www.thirstiesbaby.com/where-to-buy/buy-thirsties-cloth-diaper