Toddler Proofing

I should have taken a video of how loud our home was this morning. We had a contractor outside grinding up a tree stump and contractors downstairs taking out a window and framing in a wall. It was kind of hilarious because Olive kept running back and forth from the window to the stairs wanting to see everything and kept making the funniest faces.

I've talked about it briefly but we are re-finishing our downstairs before the baby comes. We currently only go down there to do our laundry and I'll be honest it's a bit scary with how the previous owners left it so we never bring Olive with us. Now that there's been progress made we are finding that the door is being left open all the time with contractors in and out and with her recent tumble down a few cement steps, our baby gate from North States came just in time.

The gate comes with the best gear to make sure its a snug fit and not able to be pushed over. Which makes this mama very happy and confident knowing that a little weight won't make it tumble down. It was much easier to install than previous gates I've used and isn't impossible to unlock and adjust if needed. Enter to win your own Ergo Super Gate Below! If giveaways aren't your thing you can purchase this exact gate I have pictured above through Amazon HERE. North States has tons of options for all different spaces so make sure you measure before ordering.


This post is in collaboration with North States but all opinions are my own.