Bumpdate : 30 Weeks

Happy 30 weeks to us! When I hear someone say 30 weeks I'm always like WHOA you are going to have your baby any day when really there are two more months of pregnancy left. Maybe it's because Olive came way early, but I just always feel like 30 weeks sounds like you are at the end. I keep reminding myself that there's plenty of time left. Also sorry for the picture overload, I narrowed it down from 30, but we just had so much fun snapping these. Olive was cracking me up trying to feed me carrots.

Baby Size: A Large Cabbage and approx 3 pounds. 

Current Cravings: fatty foods likes salmon, avocado, eggs and coconut oil. Usually, I don't ever eat fish unless we are in California and I had a taste for some the other day. I ended up getting grossed out by it but forcing myself to eat it since I bought it. I also don't usually eat eggs but during pregnancy, I really do crave them and as long as someone else makes them for me I don't get grossed out.

 The Bump: My muscles are not loving all the pressure this bump is giving them. I've been going to the chiropractor a few times and it helps SO much. If you're pregnant I SO recommend going to the Chiropractor while pregnant and especially after you have the baby. I go to someone who specializes in pregnancy and kids.

Looking Forward To: My mom coming at the end of August and us getting to go on a super small babymoon. We have two weddings to shoot the first weekend of September and they aren't super long days so Austin & I will get to get away while my mom watches Olive for a few days.

Meaningful Moments: Olives vocabulary is exploding and she says the babies name all the time and points to my belly. She also will say her name randomly and then come kiss my belly. I know she doesn't fully understand what is going on, but I think it will all make sense to her once the baby is here.

My dress is non-maternity from Hurst Clothing and shoes are Lotta From Stockholm. I'm wearing a size small in the dress for those wondering and I have plenty of room! Olives adorable dress is from Greece, shoes are from Old Navy and her bow is from Pippa & Indy